Eagle81 Photography has been doing Photography since 1981.We do a Journalistic style, in which the Customer is in a more relaxed atmosphere. We found this to be a better style than posing in a stiff position and not being relaxed during your Photography Session.

  Eagle81 Photography carries the journalistic photography over to all our Portrait sessions so everyone is relaxed. If you want a classic pose then we can do that for you also.

  Eagle81 Photography has a Portable Studio which can be set up in your Home, Business or any location. We use the "Green Screen" technology so you will have a choice of many different backgrounds for any of your photos. You can get a photo taken in your home and we can put you in a background of Paris if you wish. We have thousands of backgrounds for you to choose from.

  Eagle81 Photography will shoot any event no matter how big or small. Our prices compare to or are better than most other local Photographers and our photos match or are better than others because of our style.

  Eagle81 Photography edits each and every one of your photos before you get them. This way you will be happy with them the first time. if you would like any special edits like "Uncle Joe" taken out of the photo then we can do that also. We can also add "Aunt Jane" to the photo if you would like. We keep ALL your photos for 2 years or longer so if you need to have any special edits they will be here.

  Eagle81 Photography does not print out your photos but we do have a local Print shop to do that for us or for you. It is always cheaper for the customer to print the photos that they want instead of a bunch of photos that they never look at which was just in the mix with the rest. You will get ALL your Photos on as many DVD's as it takes within 14 days of your event. All your photos are Full resolution images and you get to do what ever you want with them. You get the FULL rights to ALL your photos. You will get a Print Release to take to where ever you want to get your photos printed so you are not limited to the high end print shops.

  If you would like to contact us about a photo shoot then please email us at the below link and we will get back to you the same day